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BTS has millions of fans, but unfortunately, some of those fans are sasaengs (stalker fans) who invade their space, take malicious photos, and even sell their personal information. Here are 8 encounters with sasaengs who went way too far. 1. The woman who tried to kiss Sug Now, a sasaeng fan opened up about how they turned towards the culture and ended up becoming a BTS spy. The fan revealed that they were tasked to stalk Jungkook from the band. Via Koreaboo, a..

I think the famous sasaeng of BTS was someone who goes on Twitter called @/melaninesuga, she was a stalker fan that would stalk the members and even go into their hotel rooms. Other sasaeng fans, would be those who would illegally get the flight details of the members and would arrange to get a seat beside them on the airplane. 18.7K view While sasaeng fans are notorious for following their idols in cars and taxis, Big Bang found themselves particularly compromised by sasaeng fans in vehicles in a vehicular standoff. While the..

11 Extremely Disturbing Sasaeng Stories From Idols

Sasaeng fans are described as often being female, aged 17 to 22, and driven to commit what in some cases may amount to borderline criminal acts in order to gain attention from celebrities Viele Saesang-Fans schreiben Briefe an ihre Lieblings Bands, geschrieben in ihrem (Perioden)Blut. Einige versuchen sogar nachts in die Dorms einzubrechen, Unterwäsche zu klauen, die Idols im Schlaf zu filmen, auf den Boden zu kacken, oder sie sogar zu vergiften

Sasaeng Fans. Backgroundinfos . Veröffentlicht am 2. April 2017 Bearbeitet & veröffentlicht von Barbara. Andere Länder, andere Sitten. Dabei kann es sich mitunter gar um sehr befremdliche Sitten handeln, die oftmals auch richtig gefährlich werden können. Die Rede ist von den Sasaengs, welche kurzum der Horror des KPOP Business sind. Hierbei handelt es sich um Fangruppierungen, die bei. A YouTube channel by the name of gdsas boi shared their story of being a sasaeng. One day, gdsas boi decided to join a group of other dedicated K-Pop fans, which will be called Group 1. One of the group members, who is referred to as Melon, decided to share some never before seen pictures of BTS's Jungkook

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Sasaeng is a familiar word for any fans of K-pop, but for those who don't know, it refers to people who exhibit obsessive, dangerous and stalker behaviour towards idols. K-pop idols have to deal. BTS. One of the best known sasaeng fan stories, BTS was bombarded by excessive fans to the point that they were separated from each other and in incredible danger. Fans would grab and pull at the idols to get pictures or autographs. V had almost gotten lost as he ran for his life from the crazy fans. Big Hit Entertainment even posted on their website an official warning to the sasaeng fans to. Das Blut aus dem weiblichen Menstruationszyklus ist gruseliger Weise nicht selten Teil von der ein oder anderen Aktion, die von einem Sasaeng-Fan ausgegangen ist. Taecyeon von 2PM beispielsweise erhielt einen Brief, der damit anstelle von normaler Tinte geschrieben war

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  1. g in Sweden, they stopped at a cafe to grab a bite to eat and to relax a little. A group of sasaeng fans were watching and waiting outside for the boys to emerge
  2. BigHit Entertainment revealed a list of fan sites run by sasaengs, who it has blacklisted through BTS' official fan café on January 14. Along with their names and member numbers, the agency has..
  3. BTS Member V Asked Stalker Fans, Known as Sasaengs, to Stop Tracking Them . He addressed these stalkers in a recent live broadcast. By Sara Delgad o. December 16, 2019. The Chosunilbo JNS. BTS.

BTS fans have also expressed their concerns for BTS's safety, and they hope Big Hit Entertainment will ensure that blacklisted individuals will not be allowed entrance to BTS's concerts.. Carrot Nuna also ,no pants' girl got one of the bts concert. Please @bts_bighit keep sure that she will not enter this concert! She will try her best to go their BTS when a SASAENG FAN barges into their dorm 8K 234 96. by senpoitato. by senpoitato Follow. Share. Share via Email Report Story Send. Send to Friend. Share. Share via Email Report Story BTS: *living peacefully* 7 Sasaeng: *barges* OH MY GOD!! BTS!!!! Rapmon: *got surprised slipped into the diamond floor of the bathroom, floor breaks* Jin: *choked by the water he was drinking* Suga: *no world. KPOP NEWS New sources, articles and questions will be updated in our Instagram https://www.instagram.com/korea_crush_/ #BTS #Sasaeng #LetBTSRest Fast and..

13 Extremely Disturbing Stories Of Sasaeng Fans That Went

here you go. actual *high quality* content. and for ya'll wondering what my april fool's vid is, jokes on you, everyday is april fool's in my town. thanks fo.. It's no secret the BTS Army are dedicated and loyal, however, one fan has allegedly taken her love of the K-Pop icons to obsessive levels. The private Instagram account of a female sasaeng—the. Image via Twitter Sasaeng trends on Twitter and Facebook after BTS (Bangtan Boys) leaked video and BTS leaked photos, captured by a Sasaeng (known as JungKook), emerged on social media.The leaked video and photos show the group (Bangtan Boys) shooting at an unknown site.Watch BTS leaked video, below

Bei einem Sasaeng handelt es sch schon längst nicht mehr um einen klassischen Fan, vielmehr ist er schon dermaßen von einem Prominenten besessen, dass er auch vor Stalking und tätlichen Angriffen gegenüber dem Star nicht mehr zurückschreckt 183.6k Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from 'sasaeng' hashta So just recently, BTS fans were going crazy after catching an alleged sasaeng fan peeking into the idol group's hotel room during a live streaming session in celebration of member J-Hope's birthday. The fans were very quick to anger and began criticizing Big Hit Entertainment for being lax with security. This video was taken by a saesang fan While taking a break at a cafe in Sweden, members of boy group BTS were swarmed by sasaeng fans gathered outside to watch them eat. When the fans were asked to leave, they pretended to go.

Still about BTS' sasaeng fans and the hotel room issues! This time, the things might be different but is still creepy in the same way. Whenever BTS went to a certain hotel and booked their own hotel room, the sasaeng fans seemed to always know how to find them! They were often caught booking a hotel room next to BTS's room, as well! medium.com. It happened when the infamous BTS sasaeng. <p>They are obsessed with their favorite idols to the point that they can harm the idols. Calling sasaengs out publicly, as Taehyung did, is not quite the norm, but it's not the first time BTS has spoken on the topic. Kill This Love Jpn Version incoming. AllKpop once made an article on them but the thing is idols are able to pay money to their company to delete or cover up information on a.

While taking a break at a cafe in Sweden, members of boy group BTS were swarmed by sasaeng fans gathered outside to watch them eat. When the fans were asked to leave, they pretended to go only to.. A self-proclaimed ex- sasaeng fan of BTS had some advice for a person who was looking to become a sasaeng fan However, fans are sensitive to the topic because they want to protect BTS from sasaeng fans and being a sasaeng really isn't something to be joked about. Other fans defended her and gave her the benefit of the doubt, saying that she just recently got into K-Pop so she probably didn't know what being a sasaeng means, however it wasn't the first time she described herself.

Captured from online community Some sasaeng fans chase the stars all day, while others wait for them in front of their homes. These fans have been harassing the stars since 1990s, as idol groups.. BTS Finding Out You're Stalked By Sasaeng Fans [requested] Disclaimer: none of these gifs are mine unless otherwise stated. [If you have any specific requests or questions, you can submit them here].. -BTS Jungkook Email got it from a sasaeng but It's just a rumor (the name is so weird and retarded). (not posting but looks fake as fuck lmao) -One top group member from the big 3 tried to commit suicide.-BTS Taehyung had contact with some girl group members trough kakotalk last year 2016.-Taeyeon once spitted on Jessicas face infront of the choreographer, SNSD and some staff members. (i would. Sasaeng Read More » Skip to content. Menu in a popular KPOP group for a few years. For the sake of privacy, I'll call myself Jin. No relation to the Jin from BTS, another popular KPOP group. I'm writing this as a warning to not only to others in our industry, but also as a warning to the fans and to those who dream of becoming a KPOP idol. Idol is another word for celebrity here.

Recently, a fan or a sasaeng per se leaked BTS ' Taehyung's personal information on Youtube. Last March 18, the sasaeng leaked BTS' Taehyung personal information that includes V's ID photo, ID number, as well as his passport number. Stealing and leaking personal information of celebrities is one of the disruptive acts Originally pronounced as 'sa-seng' and in Korean it means 'personal life', they are groups of fans from various K-pop groups seeking information from their favorite artist in order to get closer to him or them, but to a degree of harassment that endangers the life of the celebrity

Die Fans von BTS heißen A.R.M.Y . (Weitere Beispiele: Fandom-Namen,Offizielle Fanclub Namen und Farben,Fan Club Names & Colors, Daher fürchten sich sowohl Idols als auch die normalen Kpop-Fans vor diesen verrückten Sasaeng Fans. Jedenfalls sind Sasaengs so etwas wie Massen-Stalker. Denn im Gegensatz zu anderen Stalkern gibt es sie nicht nur vereinzelt sondern in ziemlich erschreckend. In early 2019, Big Hit Entertainment released a list of sasaeng fansites blacklisted from all events and places where BTS would be. Their violations included illegal ticket sales, illegal..

Lol, dann sind ja sozusagen viele Army Fans Sasaeng Fans weil ich viele Kommentare sehe, wo manche Leute schreiben , sie wollen den und denjenigen heiraten. 0 5. LePetitGateau 23.02.2020, 20:49 @NewtsNiffler Nein, das ist was anderes. Das sind Wunschträume von Mädels & Jungs. Wunschträume sind Wunschträume. Diese schaden aber niemanden (außer sie sich selbst). Ein Sasaeng würde. Original Article from Koreaboo. Sasaengs are K-Pop fans-turned-stalkers whose obsessions drive them to harass idols by invading their privacy, selling their personal information, and more.Some sasaengs do it for the money, others for the thrill, and each one has a story. Here are four confessed sasaengs who walked away from the sasaeng life, and why The issue of sasaeng fansites was brought into the limelight earlier this year when Big Hit Entertainment released a list of fans who were blacklisted for stalking BTS. The list included several fansites who violated the group's privacy through acts like illegal photography, using the same airline as the groups through illegal routes. The blacklist was a wake up call to other fansites.

2 days ago, I received an email from B, an EXO sasaeng, who was willing to share a lot of info with me. I contacted her through a messenger and we talked for two days. I was first a bit doubtful about her but as I talked to her, it became clearer that she was not lying. I got screencaps and a video from her. I will not reveal any of her identity as she asked to be anonymous. To be honest, most. Darkweb bangtan bts bts crazy fans bts fans bts harrassment bts rude fans bts sasaeng bts sasaeng accounts bts sasaeng encounters bts sasaeng fans bts sasaeng fans. Para member BTS memberikan kejutan dengan membawakan kue ulang tahun ke kamar hotelnya. A Chinese sasaeng fan started making sexual remarks at Xiumin, asking if he slept with Luhan and if Luhan treats him well at night. Not only.

There is a difference between being a BTS fan and being an unhealthycrazy obsessed sasaeng. Thank you for not tainting the reputation of ARMY just because of a handful of people who can't. Former BTS Sasaeng Fan Reveals How Scary It Is Being In A Sasaeng Group. This is just disturbing. Stories. Koreaboo. June 1st, 2020. Sasaeng fans are one of the worst things that K-Pop idols have to deal with, as they have no problem with invading the private lives of their favorite celebrities. A YouTube channel by the name of gdsas boi shared their story of being a sasaeng. One day. Big Hit Entertainment has officially made a statement about the incident of the sasaeng fans breaking into the BTS hotel room in Japan. The company said that the person appeared in JHope's live stream at the hotel is a staff from the crew. After checking the security camera, Big Hit insisted that there were no outsiders sneaking into the artists' rooms because the hotel security was tight. sasaeng stop < > Most recent. Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type. All posts. Text. Photo. Quote. Link. Chat. Audio. Video. Ask. Grid View List View. A message to 'fans' who invade BTS's personal space & make them & others around them uncomfortable. mikrokosmos713 . Follow. Unfollow . stop bts reactions bts imagines bts incorrect quotes bts angst.

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sasaeng not fans kpop bigbang bts bangtan got7 exo 2ne1 infinite block b Astro nct topp dogg shinee winner vixx f(x) red velvet epik high b.a.p btob girls day girls generation wonder girls i.o.i sistar k.a.r.d madtown mynam Sasaeng Fans Ruin EXO Baekhyun's Brother's Wedding. I don't even know how they got into the wedding in the first place, but these crazy stalker fans of EXO have brought shame on all EXO fans by being disruptive during the wedding of EXO's Baekhyun's brother Oh Haechan, you should know better than to converse with crazy, sasaeng fans.. Just a small smidgen of jealousy and they'll go crazy. Haechan is caught up in a bit of a controversial mess as several sasaeng fans are releasing personal details about their ties with him.. Sasaeng fan A told social media that Donghyuck bought her a cake. It turns out that it was just a lie, and the sasaeng fan. Got7 Updates for Sasaeng Fans. 44 likes. Just For Fu KPOP INFO Mantan Sasaeng BTS Ungkap Cara Lolos Dari Daftar Hitam Agensi K-Pop WowKeren - Agensi grup K-Pop kini banyak yang sudah mengambil tindakan untuk melindungi artis mereka dari sasaeng fans. stadium leg of their continuing 2019 tour, which resumes in October after a three-month break, was so fierce, it repeatedly crashed Ticketmaster's servers, selling out all. BTS is no exception, and.

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BTS seemingly has to deal with sasaeng fans wherever they go, and this was the case when they went to Chile ARMYs were enraged after an alleged obsessed fan (sasaeng) leaked BTS's V's passport details. Meanwhile, some netizens concluded that the passport uploaded was forged Sasaeng Fan(s) what-taehyung isn't in bts but in another group au; hoseok yoongi and jimin barely appear in the fic i'm sorry; Summary. kim taehyung was a sasaeng, v is an idol. the line between them was starting to blur, and taehyung's desires were starting to overcome the image v had to protect. Series. Part 1 of taejin; Language: English. #1 BTS airport mobbing. It's not uncommon to see fans waiting for popular group BTS at the airport. Unfortunately, mobbing incidents are also uncommon! While some fans don't participate in the mobbing and try to stop the more invasive fans, there's still a significant number of fans who would grab them and chase after them, making it difficult for them to walk and causing Jimin to fall over at.

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Sasaeng fans, or stalker fans, are those that know every aspect of a star's life and make stars miserable by basically stalking them. Sasaeng fans are a very serious problem for stars. Leading. [INFO] Exos Tao is angry with sasaeng fans Exo's member Tao could no longer bare with harassment from sasaeng fans and posted on weibo to let out his anger. On 29th September, Tao changed his.. The fan released V's personal information on Youtube. On March 18th, one sasaeng fan uploaded personal information of BTS' V on Youtube. The personal information includes V's ID photo, ID number, as well as his passport number. Written in Chinese, the sasaeng fan is allegedly from China. Image Source: Insti

Again, very because this literally makes it look like BigHit works directly with Sasaeng fans. Like, the 3 of Pentacles is pretty literal with collaborative work, and then the reversed 5 of Wands being like THIS IS NOT A HOSTILE SITUATION, and then the 7 of Swords making it all sneaky and shit. Not to mention the fact that the 7 of Swords lines up with BTS' 2 of Swords where there. According to Twitter users, this was also not the first time the stalker had taken inappropriate pictures of BTS members. Fans are now urging Big Hit Entertainment, the company that BTS is under, to take action over the sasaeng culture Kim Sejin (BTS) Sasaeng Fan(s) Fansign; Idols; Stabbing; Murder; Blood and Injury; Blood and Violence; Violence; Surgery; Hospitals; Unhappy Ending; Lazy Mornings; Hurt Park Jimin (BTS) Sad Ending; Dreamscapes; Summary. Jimin loves fansigns. They're the essence of who they are as idols; having fun and talking to fans. Integrity. What he doesn't know is that this fansign will be his last.

MV Review,Album Review,Exo,BTS,SB Mixtape. See All. Music; Idols; Screen. The World of the Married: A Complex Take on Infidelity and Revenge. 0; K-dramas for the End of the World Part 1. 0; Extracurricular: High School Students Face Crime and Consequences. 1; The King: Eternal Monarch, Ep. 1-8: Watch for the Pretty, Not for the Plot . 0; Popular Tags: Drama Review,Lee Min Ho,Kim Go-eun,Lee. Sasaengs, more commonly referred to as 'stalker fans' are Hallyu extremists who become dangerously dedicated to a celebrity. They participate in many illicit scandals such as phone hacking, home.. Sasaeng fans are constantly disrupting the lives of K-Pop idols by doing things like invading their privacy. This has caused some K-Pop fans to wonder why sasaeng fans do what they do.. BTS getting chased by a sasaeng fan. When a poster on the Internet question board Quora asked: What made you stop being a sasaeng fan? a user by the name of Gemine Rigel came out and revealed some details.

Filipina Actress Jokes That She Is A Sasaeng Fan Of BTS - KpopHit Filipina celebrity Arci Muñoz is famous for her acting skills, talent, beauty, and as well as being an ARMY. She recently became a fan of BTS and has showcased her love for the group on her personal Instagram page BTS has been suffering from sasaeng fans, with V saying People will change their airplane seats for us. You'll be much happier not as a It'll seem exciting at first, getting to see your idols privately. Ex-AOA's Choa Announces Her Return To The Public EyeYou should not want to be one. first of all how?? Regardless of the validity of the photo, fans are furious with the obvious lack of respect for BTS members. They continue to experience some of the worst cases of sasaengs who do crazy things to invade their privacy. Not too long ago, V pleaded with sasaengs to stop stalking them; he also said he felt scared by them Filipina Actress Jokes That She Is A Sasaeng Fan Of BTS And ARMYs Are Not Happy. ARMYs are not happy. Stories. Sherry Tan. January 7th, 2020. Filipina celebrity Arci Muñoz is famous for her acting skills, talent, beauty, and as well as being an ARMY. She recently became a fan of BTS and has showcased her love for the group on her personal Instagram page. View this post on Instagram. Moments.

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It's incredibly hard to get in to BTS' hotel rooms, they usually book out an entire floor for themselves and staff. a sasaeng fan once put a recording device inside the bathroom of tao's hotel room. the thing is, i saw videos and photos of alleged sasaengs on twitter and instagram updating people with videos stalking bts earlier today. instiz There have been many instances where former sasaeng fans came out and revealed how bad their lives got due to getting involved in the sasaeng culture. A YouTube channel by the name of kisses dalhia read a story she received from a former Jungkook (BTS) sasaeng fan, and it was quite an interesting one. The first thing mentioned by the former sasaeng fan is how she now regrets ever being a.

Sasaeng fans are those people that claim themselves as fans. here you go. fans are sensitive to the topic because they want to protect BTS from sasaeng fans and being a sasaeng really isn't something to be joked about. Jimintea 2,005,795 views. Alleged Sasaeng Leaks BTS V's Passport Information + Speculations of Forging the Passport Arise. HABER: 'Sasaeng fan çizgiyi tekrar. A sasaeng fan (사생팬) is simply an overly obsessed fan to K-pop idols and they are not concidered as true fans. They stalk their idols and invade their privacy. The bigger groups or singers have at least 100 of full time sasaeng fans around them. They try to rip off their clothes, kiss them, steal their private stuff and they can even put cameras in stuff they give to them Answer: Well it depends on the size of the plane, the amount of sasaeng fans, amount of managers and security, and most importantly, the flight period. If there is enough time and the plane is on the smaller size, sasaengs have a better chance to sneak into the business or first class to take private photos. If it's a big plane with several hundred passengers it's much harder to look. Sasaeng fans are one of the worst things K-Pop idols have to deal with, as these fans are constantly invading the privacy of idols.While it might be hard to believe, there have been a couple of idols who were rumored to be sasaeng fans themselves! Here's a list of some K-Pop idols who were rumored to be sasaeng fans.. 1 Maraming army (tawag sa mga fan ng BTS) ang nabahala sa pahayag ni Arci, kaya binatikos nila ang aktres online. Ni-note din ng ilan ang iba pang beses na ginamit ni Arci ang terminong sasaeng, at ang nakababahala umanong pagfa-fangirl nito kay American singer Post Malone. arci muñoz a well known actress in the philippines really said that she is on super sasaeng mode and even had the.

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High quality Sasaeng gifts and merchandise. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours Wasn't this the same sasaeng that Yuta from NCT flipped the bird at? But Jesus, I shudder at all the Sasaeng stories. One of the most extreme ones I remember was Heechul getting into an accident while trying to lose sasaeng fans and another was someone from TVXQ getting poisoned. 2nd gen sasaengs were fucking nutcases, and that's saying something Sasaeng fans are one of the worst things K-Pop idols have to deal with, as these fans are constantly invading the privacy of idols.While it might be hard to believe, there have been a couple of idols who were rumored to be sasaeng fans themselves! Rumor: BTS's Jimin and TWICE's Jeongyeon really can't stand each other. A Look At The Visual Upgrades Of BTS's Maknae Line From 2013.

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These sasaeng fans are insane. They followed EXO's Tao, Sehun, and Suho on their vacation to Hainan. Seriously, booking the same flight to follow these EXO members to a completely different country? That, and following them to their vacation home? C'mon people A former BTS sasaeng fan shared how she eventually became a source of information for other sasaeng fans. Fervour is building among fans of K-pop sensation BTS to secure at least one share of the band's label as order books for next month's listing opened this week. 2020 at 11:59 p. They are obsessed with their favorite idols to the point that they can harm the idols. Suga & Suran's Dating. BTS' V says stalker fans force group to fly on private jets instead of commercial planes (VIDEO) Monday, 16 Dec 2019 12:48 PM MYT. BY TAN MEI ZI. The South Korean heartthrob said it was 'very scary' to travel on a commercial flight with stalker fans close by. — Screenshot from Twitter/vtoday_951230 . KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 16 — V from K-Pop boyband BTS recently opened up about the. sep 28, 2018 - yesss protect him!!! from the sasaeng fans

14 Extreme Actions Of Sasaeng Fans Who Did This To TheseFrightening appearance of sasaeng fan in BTS&#39;s live10 idols who&#39;ve revealed their passport photos to the publicThe Sasaeng Life Knows No Borders – SeoulbeatsBTS | Daily K Pop News
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